This is a list of the equipment that I own, I am very happy to work on all equipment though, especially if it’s nicer than mine ;)


Sony FS7 - my main video camera, it shoots in 4K, and does some really beautiful slomo up to 11o fps in 1080p

Canon 5D MkIII- I use this as a stills camera, and doubles as a pretty mean B cam if it has to.


Sony 28-135mm f4.0

Canon 24-105mm f4.0

Sigma 24-70mm f1.8

Canon 50mm f1.5

Canon 100mm macro

Samyang 35mm T1.5

Samyang 14mm T

Audio Equipment

Sennheiser Radio mics x2

Rode NTG-1 top mic

boom pole


DJI Mavic pro Platinum

Tripods and sliders

2x Litepanels Astra EP bicolour LED 1x1

1x Litepanels Astra bicolour LED 1x1